Monday, March 14, 2005

50th Film Fare

Yesterday around 10pm I was watching Sony Entertainment Television and the show playing at 10pm till midnight was the real entertainment, guess what???? 50th Film Fare. The evening @ Mumbai city was filled will all jazzy / glittery dress with all stars walking in the red carpet.
With out even say the top stunning personalities are Big B, Shahrukh, and Abhishek B were in black Kareena the well-groomed women, was steeling the show.
It was started with a 2 famous Indian Idols sung a song, and was hosted by the recent host star, Saif but there was a small disappointment that Shahrukh was not joining him. As usual it was a very colourful show.
2 things that is still flashing in my mind are:

Rekha’s performance, She is still the same, one of the elegant women in Indian film industry. I was totally impressed about her for the second time, first time was when I saw the Zubeeda’s CD cover where she was in one end and Karishma was in the other end on a musted / yellow background. A person who don’t know both these female can not guess the age of Rekha, neither I. She was eye-catching. And in the 50th Film Fare she was gorgeous.

The man who cannot think alike, like other film producers / directors in India. The man who always wants changes on his each and every movie. The man who don’t mind taking time to give his better than his best, all the time. The man who proudly says that film fans will accept my new movie only after I release my next movie. The man who is more specific about his growth in the movie, his story line in the movie, his screen play in the movie, his depiction of the characters in the movie, all his character’s costumes in the movie and the atmosphere in the movie, to show his home country ALONE in the movie. Though he contemplate more on showing wind, water and earth colour in the movie he will make his major song sequence to show the bright yellow colour in all his movie (The Mani’s tough), I am always curious to know the reason behind the yellow colour in all his movie, and all the above who take care of his performer to stand out in their carrier after his movie and all his performer will have a special good page on their book for Manirathnam and his creations since because they did a movie with this MAN, who is non other than MANIRATHNAM.

Yuva, took away 6 golden lady… and was listed as the top most film that got 6 Film Fare for this movie during 50th Film fare, no doubt why Mani has got his own fans, who don’t want to hear about his pre-review of this movie, who don’t want to listen to the story line before watching his movie, who don’t want to go with the gossips written in the magazines regarding to his movie.
When it was announced that Best Movie Critics goes to the Manirathnam for Yuva, the camera was searching in the crowd for the person who is going to take away this award, After few seconds Abhishek B proudly stood up and with pleasure he waved both his hands with a huge smile, moved towards the stage to take away the award, and crisply answered the audience that “Mani is in Chennai, and I am proud to take away this award on behalf of him.”

I am waiting for the re-relay of 50th Film fare in Sony. :)

Friday, March 11, 2005

Browsing channels in every 3mins and 20 seconds….

Every single day is tiresome; we always fight with the Time and will end up defeated by the Time.

Sheela is working for a consultant in an unstable work time; apparently her husband is also working for reputed company where his work is always on fire and having a varying work time with variable team members. He always blames his management for not maintaining the team till the work is completed for a defined scope. Finally he will end up doing all by himself and will slog at work late night and weekends…

At the end of every day he will end up spending his remaining time left out for the day, by watching TV. Since the time is very less for the day, he wants to cover all the incidences happened for that day which is been broadcasted in so many TV channels. He will browse the channels in constant intervals; at a point in time he will see only commercial advertisements in all the channels. His mind will quickly think that what his wife is doing… “Sheela… Sheela… What are you doing there…? From the next room, a tired voice will reply I am in the kitchen preparing dinner… ok carryon… Mean time he will get some news or some serial in the channel where he was... He will continue watching it… It is almost dinner time Sheela is done with her dinner and will sit next to her husband to join the TV session for the day... Her husband will be watching a news channel, another next 3 mins he want to catch up the story of the late evening daily serials which is running in few of the channels, so he will tune to those channel... Sheela will complaint that I am sure you can catch up this stupid story track even if you see it after a month… the husband will make up the conversation saying... Who said that I am watching serial... Useless fellows are taking useless serials and mesmerizing every one by the similar type of stories. I am seeing the interior design of the set that he is using in the serial... See how the director is depicting each and every character… all of them are totally different from his previous serial… And will immediately change to a sports or a news channel Sheela was damn tired to hear all those things... She just wants to watch something soft, soothing that make her mind in peace… But her husband wants to know the entire incidence that happened for the day…

Sheela will argue that it is tough to put the entire thing in your mind with in 2 hrs… because what is showing up in the NEWS or sports are the whole day incident… As the men are tired from work, the women are also tired in the late evenings though they are working or being a housewife… It is always better to watch something that will not make us to think a lot while going to sleep.

Rather watching news or sport or serial with all crying stories or crime or thriller, watch comedy, watch animals, watch nature in TV… because there won’t be any artificial colours in it. It will very down to earth and you don’t need a fresh mind to understand them. Since it is simple to get along with these types of programmes in TV, the mind will slowly come out from stress, by watching comedies before going to bed will make the mind relax, will help forgetting the stress and sad thing happened on the day, will help to get a peace full sleep.

Watch nature, watch soft and soothing things or listen to soothing music before going to bed, have a great sleep and wake up with a fresh brisk mind for the next hectic day…

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Whole year of spring season...

I am writing all true incidences about what I have experienced and / or what I hear that I trust. This happened 6 years ago. When I was doing my Masters, that was the best time till now in my lifetime. I was working and studying. First ever I felt my independence in life, got to know lot of people with lot of mindset and enjoyed every company that I got during my Masters. I met most of my dears, friends, and wishers during that time. The whole 3 years of my master has only Spring season... with colorful blossoms, greens and reds and yellows and pinks... I always fly with enthuse among the crowd and every one keep theirs fingers on their nose while seeing and will have a same single question to ask me, how do you always appears fresh, bright, happy and enthuse to me??? :) I feel really glad to hear this because I believe that if some one is happy by seeing us, it is one of the best quality that a person should have or should try to have, and making others happy is one of the difficult task for any living being...

The friends’ circle I had during that time was few from my Bachelor degree college mate, few from my good friend’s gang’s neighbors, and general common friends… So whole environment is not strange for me. The best part is the classes happened in a famous school during weekends. I am glad to see school after 3 years of my pre-masters.

The university where I studied is pretty weird where they have classes separately for guys and gals in the opposite wings. There is a usual same guy who comes to give the attendance sheet to every class. After 2-3 weeks of classes, one of my classmates got bugged off by seeing a room filled of gals except the professor, and she was rest less in the first class of the morning hour that is a Digital computers class. The usual guy peeped in with out even asking excuse in to the class room D where we all are in, this female screamed “ieeee…. Piyan”(in tamil)… (Yahoo boy….) the whole class looked at her and the professor was speech less for few seconds… She stood up in a casual way and said “some time you can not stop telling of what you thing… “ Please continue the class SIR… and sat down… But that was the last day I saw that guy inside my class, from the next session of the class he will leave the attendance sheet in the door holder of classroom D and will run away to the next class…

Session will continue…